Business Presentation and Cleanliness

Business Presentation and Cleanliness
December 26, 2023 
My experience has taught me that most if not all Business owners are visionaries. They create a vision for the future and lay out a rough plan that they can commit to, whatever the sacrifice might be. There is a need to dream big and build the perseverance to see that vision to actualization. My experience has also taught me that the best visionaries also often miss out on some of the smaller details that lay the groundwork to make those dreams a reality. Today I want to focus on a crucial smaller detail that will makes the world for your clients and employees: Presentation and Cleanliness.

The Presentation of your Office is how you Present your Business

While it may seem superficial, it is absolutely true. How your customers see your office gives them an impression of what to expect with your services. A dirty office gives the impression of carelessness and apathy. On the contrary you can use your space to create mood, whether that be through your use of colors, space, or rhythm. Consider your business front as a form of marketing, how would you like to sell yourself? Do you want to be seen as cozy and intimate, create a environment that feels more comfortable, lived in, and inviting. Do you want to be seen as more modern? Then your business front should look more sleek and fresh.
This also extends to smells. If you are using toxic chemicals for your cleaning, you are creating an uncomfortable environment that will bring irritation to your customers and employees. Instead use green cleaning products like Mrs Meyers clean Day, Method, Aunt Fannies, etc. to facilitate an environment that is free of toxic chemicals and full of of natural scents. I would also suggest avoiding conventional candles. If you are insistent of having candles consider using candles that are made using soy or beeswax with essential oils for the scent. This is to ensure that your are using scents that are less likely to have a negative effect on your staff or customers. You want to avoid giving your customers a headache or making them nauseated when they are at your storefront. In that vein, know what your employees sensitivities are; a nauseous employee isn’t going to be as productive or positive.

Air and Light are crucial to creating a Healthy Atmosphere

Consider how you are utilizing air and light. Natural lighting will help to make your business look bright and keep your energy bill down. Having dusty windows obscures natural light and makes the atmosphere more dingy. Make sure you are cautious when you clean your windows, use a squeegee or something you know won’t harm the glass. In interior design, light acts as one of the central components to creating an inviting atmosphere. By utilizing light in an effective way, you are creating an invitation for the customer.
Likewise the air in your office is pivotal to creating a productive work environment. Bad air flow can create a stuffy workplace that invites pests. Make sure your vents are changed regularly and that the workplace is actively dusted. Not only will having fresh air keep the environment smelling clean, but it will also reduce the static electricity in the air which can be dangerous for electronic equipment.

Maintaining Order and Cleanliness is Important to Safety

Besides being an effective marketing tool, maintaining a clean and neat workplace will ensure that your workplace is safe for your employees. It will communicate to customers that they are in a safe place which influence their spending habits. This is particularly important for a storefront or restaurant that serves food, but is also valuable for any business. It should be noted that by maintaining a clean workplace, you are sending the customers a message that you care about their safety and health.

Consider your use of Whitespace

Even if you maintain a high level of cleanliness, a cluttered workplace will create the sense of dirtiness. It is always good to have a measure of openness to your storefront/office to give a sense of freedom of movement. Both customers and employees alike will always appreciate more room to move around and having open counter-space may ease unwanted frustration. However too much empty space can have a negative effect as well. If the places has too much white-space, it gives the customer a sense that place is empty and barren. Again consider the mood you want for your customers and employees to have and emulate it with space management.

Train Your Employees On Proper Cleaning Practices

To keep things manageable, it is important to maintain a good cleaning schedule that is shared amongst the team. If an employee isn’t actively doing a small part in maintaining a clean work place, they are likely just adding to workload for the team. what are your companies cleaning habits and protocol? Team members should know what their daily cleaning expectations are, where to find and put away cleaning products, and what habits/products to avoid to keep a clean workplace. Cleaning habits should be an active part of the employee’s on-boarding process and should be taken seriously on all levels of management.

Consider How you Manage Waste

This includes disposing waste on a regular basis and in the correct manner. You want to make sure you’re cognitive in how you manage your waste. Also consider where waste is disposed. Be deliberate in where you put your waste baskets so that they aren’t in a location that would negatively affect customers or staff. Waiting areas for instance may benefit from a waste basket that is either smaller or away from the customer seating. If it is a larger trash bin, ensure it has a cover that is less likely to be stained by grime and that is cleaned regularly. Consider how you manage outside waste. If you have an outdoor waste disposal, keep the premises around it clean and out of the way of parking.
Generally speaking there shouldn’t be litter around your store. The outside of your business is the first impression customer get of your business and it sets the mood for what the day is going to be like for you and your employees. Down-time is a great time to get some air and clean up around the office.

Make Cleaning easy and fun

You can also invite cleaning by encouraging cleaning at the office by having the proper supplies in a relatively easy to access location. I fr there is a way to incorporate your employees passion as a way to provide a green environment, take the opportunity. For instance, if you have the time supply your employee(s) with the tools to create candles with essential oils. It is a relatively quick way to encourage creativity, give your employee(s) a small break and stock the store with a healthy smelling option that your employee(s) can be proud of. There are tons of ways you transforming cleaning from an additional job to a clean break from the mundane workday.

The Importance of Green Cleaning

We discussed in briefly before, but it is important that when you clean, that you don’t default to conventional cleaning practices. You want to create safer, healthier, inviting climate for your customers and employees. By using green cleaning practices, you are using methods that are non-toxic, better for the environment, easier, and cheaper, while being just as effective. Green cleaning sends your customers the message that you care about their health as well as the world around you. In today’s Eco-friendly driven economy, it is important to let your customers know that you are being intentional on every level of development and planning.

Get Help from the Pros

That all said, not every business has the time and resources to keep the workplace in tiptop shape. By hiring a professional cleaning company, you can be rest assured your business maintains a professional level of cleaning that besuits your business. By getting help from a professional cleaning service, you can take advantage of their expertise and focus on what building your vision

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