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We use safe cleaning products to lower the chemical load in your home. Our products are safe for pets, children, and the environment. Whether you are environment conscious, have allergies, or are sensitive to chemicals, you can rest assured that our cleaning solutions will keep you in mind.
If you have sensory issues, we also have scent free natural products. We use a wide range of green solutions to include the popular Ms. Myers, Method, bar keepers friend and aunt fannies. We also can provide old fashioned methods with white distilled cleaning vinegar, baking soda and lemon. We always do our research and make sure the products we use are safely and correctly administered.
Why Clean Green?
Indoor environments influences chemical exposures and, ultimately, public health.
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Other Products
Contain chemicals that can end up
in the indoor air and settle in the dust
Floor Covering
personal care items
Personal Care Items
cleaning products
Cleaning Products
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Other Products
Contain chemicals that can end up
in the indoor air and settle in the dust
Floor Covering
personal care items
Personal Care Items
Cleaning Products
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Typical household cleaning and laundry products are loaded with toxic chemicals that we inhale. Chlorine bleach and ammonia are among the worst.
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Many cancer cases and deaths are caused or contributed to by involuntary exposures to chemicals that are commonly found in the house.
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In 2004, common cancer related toxic chemicals were commonly found amongst children.
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The air in Times Square is reportedly 16 times cleaner than the inside of American homes using conventional cleaning solutions
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Exposure to common chemicals like PFCS, phthalates, toluene, and formaldehyde is linked to an increase in fertility problems, asthma and parkinson's disease
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Substances most frequently involved in poison exposures:
•Household Cleaners
Switching to sustainable and green products ultimately lowers the chemical load your family experiences while at home.
We use a wide range of green solutions
mrs meyers
Ms. Meyers
Made with plant-derived ingredients, essential oils and other thoughtfully formulated ingredients, their products work hard against dirt and grime while remaining delightful to use.
The pioneer of premium planet-friendly home, fabric and personal care products formulated with naturally derived, biodegradable ingredients.
bar keeper
Bar Keeper's Friend
A powerful cleaning agent that that helps keep metal surfaces like stainless steel clean, polished, and rust-free. The secret to its performance and popularity? Oxalic acid.
aunt fannies
Aunt Fannies
Aunt Fannies specializes in simple natural, clean household products that pay homage to the power of homegrown ingenuity and the resurging simplicities of eras gone by.
We can also provide old fashioned methods with white distilled cleaning vinegar, baking soda and lemon.
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Other ways you can reduce your chemical load include
clean regularly
Clean more regularly
Having Houseplants
Opening your windows
Not wearing your shoes indoors
Green Clean Myth Busting
MYTH: Green Cleaning Products are not as effective as chemical cleaners
FALSE This myth revolves around the idea that natural cleaners contain zero toxins or harmful chemicals, which can kill bacteria and germs. The reality is, there are plenty of green cleaners that work just as well as their chemical counterparts. As a matter of fact, the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approves of natural cleaners that can be as highly rated as conventional cleaners. In order to kill bacteria, having a sufficient PH and acidity level in the cleaning product is more than enough.
MYTH: Green cleaning is only about the product you use
FALSE While using environmentally friendly chemicals is an important part of green cleaning, you should pair green cleaning products with cleaning methods that are also eco-friendly to get the best results. Simple changes like keeping the air fresh in your home, finding ways to reduce the amount of water and electricity you use as well as using rags instead of paper towels help make your cleaning routine better for the environment.
MYTH: All green cleaning products are safe
FALSE When choosing your green cleaning product you should be careful, do a bit of research, and read labels. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) created Design for the Environment, a review team that reviews ingredients used in cleaning products. To receive approval from the DFE, the product must contain ingredients that are the least “concerning,” according to Prevention. Green Seal and EcoLogo also require products they approve to be carcinogen and toxin free. Products you make at home using vinegar, water, lemon and borax are safe as well since they use all natural ingredients and pose no danger to kids and pets.
If you would like to learn more about the benefits of reducing the chemical-load in your home and how to do your every-day cleaning safer, without the use of traditional chemical-laden products, contact Norwex consultant Heather Ragland
To learn more about chemical exposure, you can check out this informative article from the CDC
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